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More Than Millennial begin in 2017, Alyssa went to a social media conference where the entire room was trying to figure out how to market to Millennials. The conference was painting a very negative picture of her generation. Being one of the few Millennials present she left that conference telling herself, she would represent Millennials in a positive light, and show how amazing and creative they are. More Than Millennial first event was held August 2018.

More than Millennial Event

More Than Millennial first event took place August 2018. The one-day event was filled with panel discussions, mic drop moments, delicious food, cocktails, photo booth and giveaways.

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"Think of your 9-5 as your investor."

— Founder Alyssa Starr

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California native Alyssa is passionate about Millennials and all things social media. She was turned on to social media after being told that she was a Chatty Kathy and naturally good at executing at events. Since then, she has been illuminating the industry with her willingness to assist, vivacious personality, and determination to make every experience with her a memorable one.